Lafs Chef

Award winning creativity

Having honed his skills in the kitchens of Michelin restaurants around the world, multi-awarded chef Thanassis Soulis moves to Lafs, at the Mykonos Riviera. This kind of unique and original, more laid back, and that’s not to mention stunningly beautiful space, is what he is looking for to unfold his culinary creativity and prowess. His flair for experimentation has after all secured him a number of prestigious distinctions over the past 20 years.

Chef Thanassis Soulis declares resolutely in love with seasonal Mediterranean ingredients. But he also travels the globe in search of new flavours and gastronomic secrets: With ingenuity and craft, these are embedded in his cooking – “a palette of tastes and aromas”, he stresses.

The bar of the LAFS Mykonos restaurant also works as a DJ stand for the music.
Fine dining experience Mykonos at LAFS restaurant

Chef Thanassis Soulis

Lafs Chef is not one to wait for supplies to be delivered in his kitchen. Instead, every day he handpicks his ingredients and talks to the suppliers for the best quality options. The emphasis lies on seasonality and freshness, while technique and combinations are key. His artfully arranged dishes are simple, delectable, and comforting: Nothing less than palatable stories showcasing the purity and goodness of the raw materials that have been skillfully combined in line with the principles of Haute Cuisine; and served amidst a convivial, atmospherically- lit setting.

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